Utilizing Social Media to Broaden Your Reach

Utilizing Social Media to Broaden Your Reach
June 28, 2023

Define the Voice of Your Brand

  1. Your brand's social media activity should define the voice and personality. It should represent the manner and approach through which you communicate with your customers and followers. They mirror both your values and mission. Know and comprehend your target market – what their requirements are, preferences, challenges, and how you can meet their needs. Your voice should reflect the product or service category, industry, and niche that you belong to.
  2. Maximize the impact of your social media profiles by optimizing your bio to provide potential followers with a comprehensive understanding of your business. Craft a quick and easily to read paragraph that communicates key information.
  3. Establish a brand hashtag that is unique to your business which includes company name, products/services, and motto. These hashtags aid in building brand awareness allowing users to easily associate content with your brand.
  4. Build a community that actively engages with your posts.
  5. Make it a point to respond to comments and interactions on your posts, ensuring that your followers feel valued and heard. This not only demonstrates exceptional customer service but also fosters trust in your brand.
  6. Additionally, engage with top profiles, including those of your competitors. By examining who is engaging with their posts, liking, and commenting, you can expand your reach and attract new followers who may be interested in your offerings.
  7. The content of your posts should be creative and invite responses. Create content outside sales messaging.  Only about 20% of your posts should focus on your products or service.  One way of finding out what your followers want to see is by simply asking them.  Create a post that asks your audience to comment on content.  You’ll see a bump in engagement and have reliable analytics about what upcoming posts should include.
  8. Experiment with a range of options, including photos, videos, live streams, stories, reels, polls, quizzes, user-generated content, and collaborations with influencers to gauge what your followers really want to see.

Customize content for each platform.

  1. Harness the power of Instagram Reels to amplify your reach and enhance engagement. Capitalize on popular sounds and craft authentic native videos that entice your followers to engage with your content. To ensure a vibrant presence, we suggest sharing a minimum of one reel per week.
  2. Twitter flourishes within a rapid and dynamic environment, demanding quick responses to stay in the spotlight. Visual content, especially top-notch images, often outshines videos on this platform. Craft an engaging brand narrative by curating captivating visuals for your audience.
  3. Stay updated with industry discussions on LinkedIn and contribute to thought-provoking opinion pieces. LinkedIn articles, especially those showcasing thought leadership, tend to perform well. Creators are embracing LinkedIn as a platform to inject personality into their posts, establishing themselves as experts in their respective fields. While historically favored for B2B marketing, expect a shift in the shared content landscape in 2023.
  4. On Facebook, actively engage with your audience by joining conversations, liking posts, and sharing relevant content. Foster dialogue and interaction with your followers.
  5. Embrace TikTok's unique culture: Familiarize yourself with the platform's trends, challenges, and popular content formats. Stay up to date with the latest viral videos and participate in trending challenges to show your relevance and connect with the TikTok community. Capturing the attention of TikTok users requires creativity, authenticity, and an understanding of the platform's trends and community. Experiment with different content styles, engage with the community, and remain consistent to maximize your reach and capture the interest of TikTok users.

Explore the capabilities of advertising programs.

For example, Instagram offers a straightforward approach to expand your audience through ads. By utilizing the "More Profile Visits" ad objective, you can boost a post or story. With a $5 per day budget, you can run a week-long campaign to drive increased profile visits and audience engagement.

Work with influences to spread the word.

  1. Expanded Reach and Exposure: Influencers have established followers who trust their recommendations and opinions. By collaborating with influencers in your industry or niche, you can tap into their audience and gain exposure to a broader target market.
  2. Reliable Recommendations: When they endorse or recommend a service, their followers perceive it as a genuine endorsement rather than a conventional advertisement. This can build trust and credibility for your service business.
  3. Targeted Audience: Influencers often have a specific niche or target audience that aligns with your service business. By partnering with influencers with followers that match your target, you can reach a highly relevant and engaged audience.
  4. Storytelling and Education: Influencers excel at storytelling and creating engaging content. They can effectively communicate the value and benefits of your services through their own experiences, case studies, or educational content. This helps potential customers better understand the value proposition of your service.
  5. Increased Engagement and Conversion: Influencers can drive engagement, spark discussions, and encourage their followers to act. By leveraging their influence, you can potentially attract new customers to your service business.
  6. When collaborating with influencers for a service-based business, it is best to find influencers who align with your brand values, possess an engaged and relevant audience, and can effectively communicate the benefits of your service. Consider working together on creative campaigns, sponsored content, or even long-term partnerships to maximize the impact of their influence.
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