About Us

Future Communications Public Relations (FutureCommPR)

At FutureCommPR, our primary focus is to establish and reinforce brand recognition for our clients. Our PR strategies elevate brand presence with the main objective of creating widespread awareness of your product or service, reaching audiences through diverse channels like conventional news sources, blogs, eMagazines, social media platforms, emerging media outlets, search engines, and various applications. By customizing our services to align with your company's distinct requirements, we empower you with a notable competitive edge.

Our team has extensive expertise across various business models including startups, biotechnology, eCommerce, design, finance, and high-tech sectors. We possess a deep understanding of these industries and the art of enhancing brands within their respective markets. We present our clients with versatile avenues for amplifying their brand, spanning traditional media, social media, and a contemporary approach to introducing, or revitalizing brands.

Given that consumer choices are heavily swayed by digital information, the visibility and online accessibility of your brand play a pivotal role in purchase decisions. Whether through virtual platforms or brick-and-mortar establishments, we are dedicated to ensuring that your product or service attains the visibility and acknowledgment it rightfully merits.

FutureCommPR is headquartered in San Francisco and New York. We also have offices in Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Austin, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. 

For any questions please email us at:  jimburkhart@futurecommpr.com

By phone at:  (415) 948-6709

Physical Address:

100 Circular Avenue, San Francisco, CA  94131